The Club was founded in 1997 thanks to the efforts of a number of people, closely linked to Mallorcan handball, with the main idea of increasing the pool of handball players.

Thus, in May 1997 they founded the Club Handbol Marratxí, presided over by Pedro M. del Brio, with the aim of promoting the sport of handball in Mallorca, starting with the senior teams in the first year and then working with the younger ones in the following seasons when a more robust structure could be consolidated. These were very difficult beginnings as the club did not have many financial resources.
The work was bearing fruit until 132 children were signed up in 2009, which was the maximum number up to that moment, and during those first years the incorporation to the National Promises Team (cadet category) was outstanding.

In the following years the club survived, gradually seeing the number of members in the teams decrease until only one team remained in the structure, which was the Senior Women’s team.

In June 2014, two young players, Esteban Bonnin and Pedro del Brio, decided to take the reins of the Club and to carry out a project which, as well as bringing handball back to the schools in the municipality, would allow the Senior Men’s and Women’s teams to be promoted to the National Handball category. That season began with great enthusiasm, starting the recruitment in schools and being able to go out to compete with 4 base teams (46 athletes between boys and girls) and 2 senior teams (Male and Female – 33 athletes). In the following seasons we continued with the work started, after changes in the personal life of some members of the board, in the autumn of 2017 two of the three people who started this project had to leave it, giving way to another different board chaired by Jesús Alguacil to continue with the work of continuing to grow and to have 167 federative cards in the different categories of the club.

The 21/22 season saw changes in the club’s board of directors, currently made up of Jesús Alguacil, Thomas Petermann, Pablo Olivares, Martín Couñago and Gerard Manjwele. A team that aims to continue improving the club’s sporting project and working on the professionalization of the coming seasons, defining the objectives of work from the base of the club.

One of the initiatives carried out in this new period is to rename the club and rename it Club Handbol Mallorca with a new crest for this stage.

The only club in the first national league in Mallorca.

During the last few years the Senior Women’s team has been successful, winning the 2nd National Division League Championships in 2012/13; 2013/14; 2014/15; 2015/16 and 2016/17, and the Senior Men’s team, winning the 2nd National Division League Championships in 2015/16; 2017/18 and 2018/19, achieving promotion to the 1st National Division in the latter season.

After almost 20 years without a team in the national category in Mallorca, the club burst onto the national scene. The permanence as an objective in the following seasons, improving each year the previous result, being a success to keep the category in first national, bronze category of Spanish handball in the seasons 19/20, 20/21, 21/22.

Nor should we forget the youngest players, as in the 2019/20 season they have won the Majorcan Championship in the Benjamín Mixto and Cadete Masculino categories.

In short, this is the story of a Club with a firm purpose which is that handball in Mallorca is a reference in the Balearic and National level. It is also the story of a human group full of talent and quality, endowed with a total closeness with its fans and with anyone who wishes to enter the world of handball. It is also the story of a Club that has managed to bring a forgotten sport in Mallorca, handball, back from the ashes and today we can hear about it in the media; if we continue with the same enthusiasm, unity and working together, we hope to continue writing history.