Club Handbol Mallorca is a handball club born in Marratxí whose purpose is to promote sporting, social and educational values through a committed and professional practice of this sport in Mallorca. We understand the practice of handball as an essential part of community growth as it provides an infinite source of personal relationships and learning with great social value.

1 Winning mentality: people first

Our intention is to promote and make visible all the values that handball offers among families, companies and institutions. Our commitment to principles such as respect, cooperation and perseverance, consolidates us today as the sports club of reference in Mallorca: we promote ethical and competitive handball.

We want to continue transmitting our sporting philosophy to more and more players and entities, promoting the practice of handball as a social link and showing its many potentials at all levels.

2 Sporting milestones: First national category

Handbol Mallorca is the only club to have a team in the highest category of Spanish handball.

For our club the technical team is essential, as well as the families and entities that collaborate with us to be able to continue enjoying quality sport, with added value. We constantly invest in the sporting and human quality of our technical team: we have the experience of great national level coaches, very committed monitors and a united and consolidated club strategy and vision.

3 Activities / Teams

We are committed to living human values and professionalism as the epicentre of everything else and fortunately we have done nothing but grow.

More and more people are discovering in the practice of this sport a true passion, lifelong friendships and a deep sense of belonging.

4 Management

Transparency in management, commitment to sustainability* and quality are the guidelines of our daily work: we seek efficiency in the sporting work and management of all our services.

5 The potential of Mallorcan handball is limitless

Beyond its obvious visual appeal, climate and gastronomy, our island has become one of the major destinations for quality sport and the Mallorcan commitment to sport has contributed to the training of great elite sportsmen and women at world level.

Our Spanish handball team is one of the most prestigious in Europe.

Handbol Mallorca is currently the only Balearic club with a team in the national category and its interest is growing.

In fact, handball is the third most popular sport in Spain after football and basketball, the second in Germany and France and the first in the Nordic countries.

6 Partnerships and Sponsorships

We work to promote innovation and visibility of handball in Mallorca, but we also strive to expand relationships with other clubs, associations and companies: handball is one of the leading sports in many European countries* and our club is increasingly attracting the interest of various entities that find in us a joint project to grow and make similar projects visible.

Are you interested in collaborating and amplifying your impact while collaborating with a sports club of great influence and quality?

Your project can achieve great media exposure at a lower cost than other sports.

For more information, please contact us: email: ….

7 Purpose

Handbol Mallorca proposes to be sustainable and conscious in sport: this is no longer an aspirational proposal, it is a reality that concerns each and every one of us.

Therefore, this year 2022 our goal is to make the practice of healthy and sustainable sport as visible as possible towards a vision of handball in its current context: an evolving reality, a hyper-connected, multicultural, social, competitive, exponential and liquid world.